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Conference to Promote European Day of the Righteous 2016


On May 25, 2016 European Day of the Righteous will be marked in the European Parliament to remember all those who preserved human life and helped those who survived the crimes against humanity such us the Jewish Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide. The conference is organized by "Gariwo" chaired by Gabriele Nissim and will promote the creation of Gardens of the Righteous in Europe. The co-founder of The Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee is Pietro Kuciukian. 

One of the aims of this conference is to pass recommendations to the member states to develop an educational programme at schools and in the towns to introduce these moral examples. "A Europe of Diasporas" has a similar aim too: to recommend European countries to support the promotion and development of cultures associated with diasporas, their educational needs and the preservation and promotion of their heritage.

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