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International Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony


The European Jewish Congress is co-organizing with the President of the European Parliament a ceremony dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

It is now more than 70 years since the annihilation of six million of Europe’s Jews and in that time, many more massacres and crimes against humanity have taken place around the world. As long as we do not know names, identities, loves, fears, careers, relationships and experiences – as long as we cannot put a name or a picture to them – we cannot save them. They are faceless, which is exactly what the killers intended. It is because of this that we have devoted this year’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day to restoring the identities of those who were murdered.

Some of these people were blessed with an added ability to convey not only their own identities and individuality, but also that of many others, through literature, art and music. Forms which not only hit the vision and the mind but impact on the soul. And so we will also focus this year on that – the power of art to encapsulate the horror of the Holocaust.

The ceremony will feature a unique artistic performance by Maestro Vladimir Spivakov accompanied by the Virtuosi String Orchestra.