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Limmud: the European Diasporas Project


On Feb. 6th about 30 participants came to the Gulbenkian Hall, next to St Sarkis Church off Kensington High Street, to hear about and discuss a new project to develop ‘Limmud’ (a Hebrew word for ‘learning’) for Diaspora. The Armenian Community provided delicious refreshments including very special Armenian wine. Important issues were discussed and questions were asked regarding the vision of the project – what is a diaspora, what can the different persecuted communities learn from one another, what is the “ultimate” goal?

The second part of this preview of the project will take place at the same venue, on February 21st from 18:30 to 22:00, to address and explore many of the questions/ideas that were raised on February 6. After a recap of the birth of this project with its core of the three most persecuted diaspora in Europe, the three organisers will each give a 10 minute ‘mini-seminar’ about the positive benefits of the culture they represent: Garen Arevian representing the Armenian culture, Sherrie Smith the Roma culture and Ruth Barnett the Jewish culture.

The audience will then be invited to make comments, ask questions and offer a ‘mini-seminar’ on any aspect of their culture they would like to share, particularly what they feel is not known or misunderstood by the general public.

Please RSVP at one of the following addresses: garen.arevian@gmail.com   rutheclb@gmail.com  sherrie.gateherts@gmail.com