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Raise your voice for Roma - International Seminar and public actions at the European Youth Event #EYE2016


More than 7000 young people are expected to gather in Strasbourg for two days to exchange ideas with European decision makers and to come up with innovative solutions for the future. The European Youth Event (EYE) will take place in the European Parliament seat in Strasbourg from 20-21 May 2016. It is a unique opportunity for thousands of young Europeans to make their voices heard.

In this activity, we will deepen our understanding of antigypsyism and anti-semitism by bringing together local and international perspectives, and work on creative campaigning, in order to ensure the youth’s preparation for creative actions both on a content as well as on a methodological level. A special focus will be on the connection of local offline and international online activities. This training also involves experienced youth from other Jewish and Armenian diasporas in order to challenge antigypsyism as a larger social youth alliance.

We will also bring the voices and issues of minority youth to a wider public in the European Youth Event showing the potential of alliances and mutual support.

This activity is organized by Phiren Amenca International Network in cooperation with the European Union of Jewish Students and the Armenian General Benevolent Union and supported by the European Youth Foundation and the European Parliament.