Europe has inherited a mosaic of identities, with more than 90 historical cultural groups on the continent, to which a large number of groups have been added over the last century. Some of these groups are European diasporas: they span several countries, or indeed the entire continent, and their members' identities are nurtured primarily by non-state institutions.

A Europe of Diasporas is a European project and a new network to promote diasporas in Europe. We believe that diasporas are a unique asset for our European societies and that the idea of diasporas provides solutions that are well worth promoting. This project aims to find ways together to develop and promote that resource.

The European network will be dedicated to cooperation between European diasporas and to awareness raising about these diasporas. It will aim to create a meeting of minds between activists and thinkers, to create opportunities for join action between them and to raise awareness of the contribution and value to Europe of these groups to Europe.

For now, the project involves mainly Jewish, Armenia and Roma organizations and individuals from the entire European continent. It is open to all those willing to contribute to its objectives.

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