Conference: “United in Diversity”: Educating Europe's Diasporas, The Bulgarian Experience

Education Project conference

If Europe's diversity is its wealth, it is also a major challenge. This conference organised in frames of "Education and Empowerment" Seminar in Sofia focuses on education in connection with children and young people who also belong to diasporas, such as the Armenian, Roma and Jewish diasporas, with special emphasis on the Bulgarian experience.

Diasporas are special in that they are dispersed across the European continent. As a result, they are also frequently inadequately served by the institutions of the states they live in. The challenges include providing opportunities for all in the educational system, providing opportunities for diasporas to transmit their heritage as well as educating everyone in the rising generation about the nature of diasporas and the actual human richness of the country and continent they live in.

See the program of the conference attached.

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