A Europe of Diasporas Announces The Jury Members of The Photo Competition

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The Europe of Diasporas project has closed the application process for the photo competition “A Europe of Diasporas”. The photographs submitted will be assessed and the successful candidates will be selected by a jury of experts. The 20 finalists will be notified at the latest on April 15, 2016.

As it was announced the 20 finalists will have their photos exhibited at the European Parliament during the “Europe of Diasporas” conference scheduled for May 2, 2016. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners will have their travel expenses (flight and hotel) from any European location of their choice to Brussels covered by the project. In addition, the 1st prize winner will also win a GoPro camera that will be handed over during the photo exhibition at the European Parliament.

The jury of the photo competition includes famous photographers as well as representatives of the partners in the project “A Europe of Diasporas”.

The members of the professional jury are:

John Stanmeyer

John Stanmeyer is an American-born photographer and Emmy nominated filmmaker who specializes in distilling complex issues that define our times, presenting them in poetic and understandable narratives.

Working in nearly 100 countries, John was on a contract with Time magazine for over ten years, producing 18 covers for the magazine. Since 2004 Stanmeyer has worked almost exclusively for National Geographic magazine, produced more than 14 stories. Among other prestigious awards in 2014 Stanmeyer receives World Press Photo of the Year Award for his photograph, Signal.




Alex Monie

Alex Monie is a travel photographer and his primary focus is historic locations, outdoor, scenic views and wildlife.  He worked with the Photographers without borders programme and with National Geographic’s Your Shots Program. “I really consider myself to be very lucky to be able to do all of the traveling I have done and see all of the things I have seen and most of all the people I have met”, says Alex.

Artur Conka

Artur Conka is a photography graduate from the University of Derby. His photography canon has focused on the plight of the Roma Gypsies and travelers in Europe. He himself is Roma and feels that it is important to give the Roma, so long voiceless without influence or consideration by those in power, a voice. Artur’s work has appeared in various international publications including Huffington Post, The Independent, Vice Magazine, Foto8 Magazine, Vas.Cas.Sk, Creative Boom, Lab Kultur TV Magazine, Derby Evening Telegraph.

Tatevik Revazian

Tatevik Revazian is a member of “A Europe of Diasporas” network. She is a co-founder & managing director at Amstream, which initiates partnerships between Denmark and Armenia, moving from idea generation to project implementation. Tatevik is an International Sales Manager at Momondo Group, an online travel search and inspiration network with a simple vision: to help you to travel better and open up the world. 

Benny Fischer

Benny Fischer is the president of the European Union of Jewish Students, a partner organization of the project “A Europe of Diasporas”. He is a Jewish political activist in Europe. Benny has been active in the Jewish community in Germany. He is an educator for Madrichim of the ZWST.

Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez

Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez is a Roma activist. He is a blogger and publishes articles about digital media. Vicente is also a contemporary artist-creator and a free thinker who has collaborated several times with other Roma artists in creative initiatives. He is a co-author of http://alongwaytojustice.com/ blog. Vicente volunteered for Phiren Amenca, a partner organization of the project “A Europe of Diasporas”.

The Europe of Diasporas projects is funded by the European Union.