A Europe of Diasporas Conference | 02/05/16

Society Politics Project conference



On May 2, the European Parliament will host a conference entitled "A Europe of Diasporas". This conference concludes a year of exchange and coalition-building between organizations, academics and activists connected with the Jewish, Roma, Armenian and Assyrian diasporas in Europe.

Please click here to register for the conference.

The conference will feature four panels addressing such topics as addressing the educational needs of diasporas and developing a new narrative for Europe that is inclusive of diasporas. The conference will also discuss issues relating to discrimination and hate speech, remembrance, heritage, the fate of refugees, and more. A concluding panel will provide an opportunity for a high-level debate with policy-makers. To access the detailed progamme of the conference please click here.

The conference will provide an unprecedented opportunity to engage with European leaders, policy makers, activists and experts on the role, place and vision of diasporas in Europe in the years to come.

Participation is open to all. Deadline for registration: April 20, 2016. Please click here for the practical information of the conference.

Watch this video, take part in the conference, join the network.

The Europe of Diasporas projects is funded by the European Union.